Postcards from the County

Pros and Cons Program

Postcards from the County

St Jerome and the lion's paw.

St Jerome and the lion’s paw.

… was recorded by men incarcerated in the Pittsburgh Institution near Kingston Ontario, Canada.

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Every note was sung or played in jail, and is given freely and anonymously. The album is available here free for your enjoyment, to download and share, and hopefully to encourage you to donate to our selected charities.

Inmates worked with musician/producer Hugh Christopher Brown, writing and arranging songs in the prison chapel, which the men helped convert into a recording studio every week for the sessions.

Participants learned production, arrangement, recording and engineering skills through the process. For those already experienced in music, it provided a regular outlet and means of working together with fellow inmates. For others, a first chance to hear themselves recorded prompted writing, musical research and development. The group was regularly joined by guest participants sharing talent and experiences including Sarah Harmer, Kate Fenner, Luther Wright, Sarah McDermott (Openhearts Society) and Pete Bowers (Gertrudes)

The album is musical exemplification of the proposed ‘Pros and Cons’ program, encouraging professional mentorship of inmates.

Tracks followed by P.I. indicate original works by inmates who have desired anonymity.


  • Adam B Harris

    This project really hits the point home, that we as a society founded on social justice, should be concerned with rehabilitation and not solely punishment!