NOW Magazine: “…the first album made inside a Canadian federal women’s prison”

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It looks like a community centre or a campus – inmates live in shared housing, wear their own clothes, order groceries once a week – but Kitchener’s Grand Valley Institution for Women is a prison.

“We can walk around [between buildings],” an inmate tells me, “but we can’t leave.”

We’re sitting in a gymnasium set up for a special International Women’s Day program– “International Broads’ Day” as mentor/producer John Copping jokes by way of introduction. It’s an unlikely location for a CD release concert/listening party. As part of the Pros and Cons program, which brings musicians and producers into prisons to work with inmates, a group of women from GVI is celebrating the launch of Undisclosed Location – the first album to be written and recorded at a federal women’s prison in Canada, and the second to be made through the Pros & Cons program.

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570 News: Women’s prison in Kitchener releases music album in a Canadian first

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Talk about dropping bars behind bars.

Inmates at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener have released a 10-song music album, called “Undisclosed Location.”

It’s the first album written and recorded at a federal women’s prison in Canada and part of the Pros and Cons Program.

Founder of the program Hugh Christopher Brown tells 570 NEWS it all started by bringing music workshops into prisons, and it became popular in a men’s prison outside Kingston.

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CBC News: Women at Kitchener’s Grand Valley prison release first musical album

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When she first walked through the doors of the music room at Grand Valley Institution for Women, Bayley didn’t know what to expect.

“I never knew I was musically inclined,” she told CBC News. “I never played an instrument before in my life.”

But when another inmate put a bass guitar in her hands and a microphone in front of her mouth, the young woman found something inside herself that both shocked and inspired her.

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Waterloo Region Record: Grand Valley inmates celebrate release of album

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KITCHENER — The voices of inmates at Grand Valley Institution for Women will be heard around the world through a groundbreaking new album released online.

It’s the first album written and recorded at a federal women’s prison in Canada, and available for anyone to listen for free.

“I hope that the music first of all moves them on its own merits,” said Hugh Christopher Brown, founder of the Pros and Cons Program that brings together music professionals and federal prison inmates to write and record original music “inside.”

“When people realize where it’s coming from, I hope it changes ideas.”

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Selah, an all new track

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Project reviewed by Samaritan Mag

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“What does the rehabilitation of incarcerated people look like? Is it hard labour? Intensive counseling and soul-searching? Career training for eventual life on the outside? Chris Brown thinks he has a partial answer: prisoner rehabilitation looks a lot like making a record, which happens to incorporate all the above and plenty more.”
— Samaritan Mag 18 August 2014

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