Pros and Cons produces original songs in prisons as a mentorship program focusing on rehabilitation and restorative justice.

"Want to know what hope and transformation sound like? Check out these two brand new Pros and Cons albums, produced by offenders [at] two Ontario federal institutions.
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New Music for National Indigenous Peoples Day

JUNE 21, 2021 


I am so grateful that these gentlemen have an opportunity to share their stories through song today especially, June 21st. The first day of many to come! Terri-Lynn Brennan, CEO, Inclusive Voices

On this solstice, and day of celebration of Indigenous peoples, we release these songs lovingly made by Indigenous artists. We hope you will enjoy, share and be edified by the music.

As the works were produced in prison, we take the time to note that Indigenous people make up 4.5% of Canada's general population, while accounting for 31% of provincial / territorial custody cases and 29% of people federally incarcerated. Colonization has continued its repercussions in the form of intergenerational trauma that leads to these rates. Can we understand these statistics as real lives? As brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons? This ultimately exposes itself beyond a strictly Indigenous issue, but one everyone in Canada must work to understand.

Take the time to feel this and consider how you might help change this reality.
Begin where you stand.

Thank you from The Pros and Cons Project / Wolfe Island Records

New Music: Rise Up

From the album Paint In The Forest: Residential Homeboy

Private Town - album art

Private Town

Pros & Cons' second album recorded at Grand Valley Institution For Women.

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Paint in the Forest - Album art

Paint In The Forest

Recorded at Joyceville Institution between 2017 and 2019.
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Undisclosed Location.

Undisclosed Location was recorded in 2017 and 2018 at Grand Valley Institution For Women. All the songs on this album were written and sung by inmates.

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Postcards From The County

...was recorded by men incarcerated in the Pittsburgh Institution near Kingston Ontario, Canada.

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Music from Pros and Cons is given freely and anonymously.

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