Mission Statement by participants regarding Postcards From The County.

We the inmates of Pittsburgh, who participated in the project, are extremely pleased to present to you this collection of music, produced entirely inside Pittsburgh Institution.

It is a labour born of love

A love of music and the joy it can bring to the soul in a place where a soul can be lost.

It is a labour born of respect

Respect for the many individuals who guided us through this process. The musicians who shared their songs, the talent they so freely gave, and the inspiration we gleaned from them.

It is a labour born of desire

The desire to give something to society. A society we have each wronged in our own way. It was determined at the beginning of this project that any monies that may be derived from this should be directed to charitable endeavours. It gives us a great deal of satisfaction to be able to do this.

It is for this reason that we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours.

We have been given so much joy through this experience. This is what we now pass on to you.

POSTSCRIPT: So many people who have participated in this project from its inception have moved on from here. Wherever you are, whatever directions your lives have taken, we wish you God’s peace. Bless you all.

The Christ’s Breath

I am

A hole in a flute

That the Christ’s breath moves through

Listen to this music.