Undisclosed Location.

The Pros & Cons Program offers this collection of original music composed and recorded anonymously by inmates of the Grand Valley Institution for Women.


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Undisclosed Location was recorded in 2017 and 2018 at Grand Valley Institution For Women. All the songs on this album were written and sung by inmates.

Undisclosed Location was arranged and produced on David and Kathy’s dining room table and mixed at The Post Office Studio.

John Copping heartily thanks Arlene Bishop’s Spirit of Adventure, Madeleine Bloom’s Clicks & Pops, Katie Gately’s Haunted House, John Larocque’s string winder, Gunda Lewis’s camera, John Panagos at Downtown for keeping The Bride on road, and especially the Blackball synth kids for keeping it tight in our absence.

Pros & Cons gratefully acknowledges the support of the David Rockefeller Fund.

Hugh Christopher Brown and John Copping thank the inmates, staff and warden of Grand Valley Institution For Women and Correctional Services of Canada for allowing us to create this album.

Undisclosed Location was produced by John Copping and mixed by Hugh Christopher Brown.

This has been a Wolfe Island Records production for Pros & Cons.


Music from Pros and Cons is given freely and anonymously.

While the women of Grand Valley Institution develop relationships with local charities, we ask that you consider supporting Wilma Derksen's important work with Candace House.

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