New Video and Music from Pros and Cons – the groundbreaking prison music program

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“Lost” from the album “Undisclosed Location” was recorded inside Grand Valley Institution for Women and performed and written by the inmates. This music video was shot on location inside the prison.

We also present to you “Delicate Love,” a lead track from the collection about to be released from Joyceville Institution.


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The Pros and Cons prison music program continues to grow. This year will see the release of a second album from Grand Valley Institute for Women, plus scores of tracks produced with the men in Joyceville.

The program will soon be announcing workshops in new institutions. Partnerships with The David Rockefeller Fund, Kingston Soundworks, Long and McQuade and Yamaha Canada are providing opportunities for inmates to develop skills in playing, writing, engineering and producing music.

All productions are given freely and anonymously, raising funds for restorative justice, education and victim support.